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1971-09-12: Meadowbrook, Rochester, MI




Harold Beane
Tyrone Lampkin
Billy Bass Nelson
Bernie Worrell
Eddie Hazel
Fuzzy Haskins
Ray Davis
Calvin Simon
Grady Thomas
George Clinton

track list


Alice In My Fantasies
Maggot Brain
I Call My Baby Pussycat (Fast Version)
I Call My Baby Pussycat
Good Old Music
I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody Got A Thing
All Your Goodies Are Gone (The Loser's Seat)
I'll Bet You
You & Your Folks, Me & My Folks
Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow



The listed songs are available on the officially released Funkadelic CD "Live Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan". It was issued by Westbound in 1996 (CDSEWD108).

To our knowledge this is the earliest known P.Funk live recording. They headlined over Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen. Harold Beane and Tyrone Lampkin play their first night with Funkadelic. Introducing Funkadelic was comedian James Wesley Jackson, but he's not heard on the recording. Detailed infos on the show and the history of Funkadelic can be found on the extensive liner notes of the CD. Be sure to have that one in your collection - original that is, not a lousy CDR copy!

cover scans


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