Rocky Mountain Shakedown
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1976-xx-xx: Denver, CO


track list


Children Of Production
Mothership Connection (Starchild)
Swing Down, Sweet Chariot
Dr. Funkenstein
Coming Round The Mountains
Give Up The Funk/Get Off Your Ass & Jam/Night Of The Thumpasaurus People
Cosmic Slop
Red Hot Mama
Let's Take It To The Stage/Take Your Dead Ass Home
Do That Stuff
The Undisco Kidd



The tracklist is taken from the soundboard Funkadelic-bootleg called Rocky Mountain Shakedown available on Triangle Records since 1992 (PYCD072). The vinyl version has The Undisco Kidd as bonus track not available on the CD version.

Concert recorded during the P-Funk Earth Tour, probably in november of 1976. The 13-minutes version of Dr. Funkenstein is a treasure with Bernie Worrell and Fred Wesley interacting, Maceo blowing some and the voalists doing their thing.  

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  Rocky Mountain Shakedown 

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