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1978-01-01: Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI


track list


Cosmic Slop
Maggot Brain
Mothership Connection
Swing Low Sweet Chariot



The tracklist is taken from the soundboard Funkadelic-bootleg called Home Of The Funk available on Goregon Music since 1992 (GM-6). The track marks on the bootleg are bit messed up, e.g. track 4 (Mothership Connection) starts right in the end solos of Maggot Brain.The packaging is a fine digipak.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot stands out of this recording with it's beautiful vocals by the ladies, someone called Roddy (??!) and Gary Shider.
During the end of Flashlight the Bar-Kays join the mob on stage.

cover scans


  Home Of The Funk 

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