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1989-11-11: The Strand Night Club in Redondo Beach, CA


track list


Chocolate City
Alice In My Fantasies
Cosmic Slop
Let's Take It To The Stage
Up For The Downstroke
We Be Fonk'n Over Here
Get Off Your Ass And Jam/Bop Gun/Funk Um Just To See The Look On Their Face
Gamin' On Ya/Do Not Attempt To Readjust Your Radio
Undisco Kidd (We Be Fonk'n Over Here Too)
Do That Stuff
Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention - B3M)
Rap - Biological Speculation
Standing On The Verge (Of Gettin It On)
Good To Your Earhole
Pump It Up
Maggot Brain
Intro/Garry's Rap
Knee Deep
Rap "Niggerish"
Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Of The Sucker)
Night Of The Thumpasorus People
Atomic Dog
Why Should I Dog You Out/Batman/Cold Sweat/Sing A Simple Song/Lickin' Stick/Want To Take You Higher
Star Child
Red Hot Mama
I Got A Thing



The tracklist is taken from different sources:

The songs up to the Why Should I Dog You Out-Medley are taken from the officially released 2-CD set "Funk Um Agin...For The First Time". This was issued on Funk Works Entertainment  in 1999.

The tracks from Atomic Dog to the end can be found on the soundboard George Clinton & Funkadelic-bootleg called Night Scene available on Kisses Deluxe (Kiss No. 34). The same recording can be found on the George Clinton-bootleg called Hot Stuff on Unforgotten Jewels (UJ940021). The cover of Hot Stuff claims it's a limited edition of 500. Both bootlegs list the recording to be done in 1990 but it's most probably from November 11th 1989 in Redondo Beach. Night Scene also says the concert features Bobby Womack but I don't think he can be heard on the disc.

cover scans


  Night Scene   Hot Stuff

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