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1995-12-31: Navy Pier Grand Ballroom in Chicago, IL


track list


Alice In My Fantasies/Cosmic Slop
Flash Light
One Nation Under A Groove
Standing On The Verge/Good To Your Earhole/Pumpin' It Up/Bustin' Loose/If Anybody Gets Funked Up/Too Funky In Here/All Sons Of Bitches
Give Up The Funk
Bop Gun/I Got A Thing
You And Your Folks/Free Your Mind
Atomic Dog/Auld Lang Syne/Rhythm And Rhyme/Kababbie Babble
A US Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog
Maggot Brain
Let's Take It To The Stage/Take Your Dead Ass Home/Whatever It Takes/Cookie Jar/Some Next Shit
Knee Deep



The listed songs are available on a 3 CDR set in great quality, maybe it's soundboard.

This is new years eve with the P.Funk mob. A funky new years eve of course. The band played for over 5 hours, the 3 CDR set is not the complete show.

The Standing On The Verge-Medley lasts more than 20 minutes and features Belita Woods on If Anybody Gets Funked Up and the unusual Too Funky In Here. Amp Fiddler adds lots of color and funkyness throughout the whole show. One Nation ends with a beautifil jazzy ending.

cover scans


Cover scans are not available. If you have some please send them in!

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