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1996-04-19: McKeldin Hall at University of Maryland in Showell, MD


track list


I Wanna Know If It's Good To You?
Red Hot Mama
Up For The Down Stroke/Get Off Your Ass And Jam/Cookie Jar
Flash Light
Give Up The Funk/Bop Gun/Do That Stuff/Gamin' On Ya/The Undisco Kidd
US Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog
Got To Get Up
Maggot Brain
Dog Star (Fly On)
Unidentified Song/Rhythm And Rhyme
Knee Deep/Sentimental Journey
Standing On The Verge/Pumpin' It Up/Bustin' Loose/Loopzilla/If Anybody Gets Funked Up/Funky Dollar Bill
Atomic Dog/Rhythm And Rhyme



The listed songs are available on a 3 CDR set in pretty good quality.

There seemed to be a rowdy crowd at this concert since George keeps asking if everybody is OK and that we all must get along.

Another great concert from that tour. Skeet and Boogie are duelling on bass during Bustin' Loose. Gary Shider is  ot present. Maybe that's the reason why they don't play Cosmic Slop. But the start with two old Funkadelic tracks is cool.

cover scans


Cover scans are not available. If you have some please send them in!

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