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1998-01-26: at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands


track list


Bop Gun
Gamin' On Ya
Radio Friendly DJ/Undisco Kidd
Give Up The Funk/Bootzilla/Night Of The Thumpasorus People
Cosmic Slop
Flash Light
Knee Deep
Some Stank And I Want Some
Underground Angel/Booty/Billy Boy
Maggot Brain
US Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog/Just Say Ding (Data Boy)
Maggot Brain
Guitar Interlude
Dog Star (Fly On)
Fuck That Shit
Fuck Some More Shit
Aqua Boogie/Pump Ya Fist/Party Up In Here
Friday Night August 14th/Radio Friendly DJ
Atomic Dog
Music For My Mother



The listed songs are available on a 4 CDR set as an audience quality. This is a real good show.


cover scans (provided by www.zannalee.com)



You know more about this concert? Hit us on the one at webmaster@InFunkWeTrust.de


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