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1999-04-09: at Hara Arena in Dayton, OH


track list


Bop Gun/Gamin' On Ya/Undisco Kidd
Funk Getting Ready To Roll
Give Up The Funk
Up For The Down Stroke
Flash Light
Knee Deep/Sentimental Journey
Billy Boy
Maggot Brain
Atomic Dog
Dope Dogs



The listed songs are available on a 2 CDR set in great quality, perhaps soundboard. Atomic Dog is incomplete and Dope Dogs an acapella version.

The band is very releaxed and laid back here. The horns (Greg Boyer, Benny Cowans and Greg Thomas) get lots of solos and playing time during P.Funk and Flash Light. Belita Woods in the spotlight during Undisco Kidd and Sentimental Journey. Maggot Brain is rather short with about 10 minutes. Opening act that night were The Violent Femmes.

cover scans


Cover scans are not available.

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