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1999-07-23: at Woodstock festival in Rome, NY




for Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors:
Bernie Worrell
Amp Fiddler
Michael Moon Rubin
Gabe Gonzales
Donna McPherson
Steve Scales

track list


Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors:
Red Hot Mama
Comin' Round The Mountain
Time Was (Events In The Elsewhere)

George Clinton & The P.Funk Allstars:
Give Up The Funk
Flash Light
Knee Deep/Sentimental Journey
Som'n Stank/Booty
Humpty Dumpty/It Ain't Over
We Want Bootsy
Mothership Connection
Atomic Doog
Free Your Mind/Hall Of Fame Riff



P.Funk was part of the Woodstock festival in 1999. George Clinton & The P.Funk Allstars gave some of their stage time for Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors. Bootsy was there, too. George Clinton came on stage during Supergroovalistic in Bernie's set and Bernie and Bootsy played during the mob's set. We Want Bootsy has some fine bass solo by the man. Som'n Stank (more than 20 minutes) and Mothership Connection feature Lili Haydn, a female fiddler adding some nice and unheard tones. Humpty Hump (from Digital Underground) guests during Give Up The Funk and Humpty Dumpty. On Mothership Connection Bernie and Lili interact perfect while Belita Woods sings her ass off.

This show was aired on TV, so he listed songs are available on a 2 CDR set in great quality.

cover scans (provided by www.zannalee.com)



We know other covers exist, too. If you have them please send them in.

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