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2000-06-01: 9:30 Club in Washington, DC


track list


Bop Gun/Undisco Kidd/You Do Me
Cosmic Slop/I Am The Slime
Let's Take It To The Stage
All Sons Of Bitches/Give Up The Funk
Music For My Mother
Flash Light
Knee Deep/Sentimental Journey/Rubber Duckie
Atomic Dog/Free Your Mind/Hall Of Fame Riff
Radio Friendly DJ/Ain't Nothin But A Jam Yall/Funk Mellow Tip/Whole Lotta Shakin/Free Your Mind
Red Hot Mama/You And Your Folks/Free Your Mind



The listed songs are available on a 3 CDR set in audience quality. Wigout made a cover for that set:

cover scans



You know more about this concert? Hit us on the one at webmaster@InFunkWeTrust.de


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