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2002-04-12: University of Philadelphia, PA




usual 2002 line up

track list


We Want The Funk Intro/Funkentelechy
Bop Gun/Gamin' On Ya/Undico Kidd
Cosmic Slop
We Do This/Standing On The Verge/Pumpin It Up
Standing On The Verge/Get Dogged/If Anybody Gets Funked Up/Speed Dreamin'/Humpty Dumpty
Som'n Stank/Dope Dogs
Knee Deep/Sentimental Journey



Funkentelechy has a fine bass solo by Lige Curry, who comes from Philly.
Speed Dreamin' and Humpty Dumpty feature the beautiful voice of Kendra Foster
Som'n Stank/Dope Dogs spotlight Treylewd.

The listed songs are available on CDR.

cover scans


Cover scans are not available.

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