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2002-xx-xx: Tom Joyner Morning Show




usual 2002 line up

track list


We Do This/Mothership Connection
Knee Deep/Sentimental Journey
Cosmic Slop
One Nation Under A Groove
Give Up The Funk (with Wind Me Up ending)
Up For The Down Stroke
Speed Dreamin'/Humpty Dumpty
Mothership Connection/Hall Of Fame Riff



Recorded for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Nearly 60 minutes were aired, most songs are short (at least in P-Funk standard;-). Knee Deep is the only track to last more than 10 minutes. The band seems to go crazy towards the end of the show: "We'd like to apologize for the children in the house whose minds have been affected by that." "They are messed up forever. Take your children to the doctor".

The listed songs are available on CDR.

cover scans (provided by www.zannalee.com)



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