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This Funk Is Off The Hook...and Made By Maceo!


Made By Maceo

Maceo Parker is back with a new album. Made By Maceo is the title of the sax players new joint released by ESC Records on february 24th, 2003 in europe.

the album: Made By Maceo


The album Made By Maceo is mainly recorded with Maceo's current touring band consisting of Greg Boyer and Rodney "Skeet" Curtis from the Baltimore Connection, Ron Tooley (formerly JB), Vincent Henry, Will Boulware, Jamal Thomas, Bruno Speight, and Maceo's son Corey Parker. Some guest appearences of long-tome Maceo friend Candy Dulfer, Cynthia Johnson, Giorge Pettus and Carry Harrington add some extra flavors. The tracklist:

1. Come By And See 4:27
2. Off The Hook 3:47
3. Hats Off To Harry 4:37
4. Quick Step 3:58
5. Those Girls 4:34
6. Moonlight In Vermont 3:56
7. Lady Luck 6:25
8. Don't Say Goodnight 4:47
9. Once You Get Started 4:13
10. Those Girls (Bonus Track Instrumental) 4:52
11. Lady Luck Reprise 1:07

The CD was released on February 24th with a beautiful artwork and packaging. The digipak folds out to four side to reveal the CD itself.

Musically this album follows the same path his previous two albums have taken. Some cover version, a bit of jazz, a lot of saxophone, clean funk and a few raps by his son Corey (formerly know as E.L.O.S.). The tracks are not daring or groundbraking but solid and well done. This is arguably Maceo's best album since Life On Planet Groove.

There were plans of a Prince involvement on this album. Since Maceo has been part of Prince's touring band on most parts of his One Nite Alone tour in 2002 (as well as Greg Boyer and Candy Dulfer) they planned to do some work together. Due to time problems these collaborations did not come about.

singles and promos


 No single releases from Made By Maceo have been spotted so far. But there is a 2-track promotional release in a paper sleeve with Come By And See and Once You Get Started on it. A cover-less album promo is around, too.

promotion and tour


A european tour to promote the album started in Leicester, UK on February 25th. The tour will bring Maceo and his band to Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republik, Ireland and Austria until May 11th. A few festival appearences are planned. Also in the works is a performance at germany's one and only late night Harald Schmidt Show. For a complete listing of the tour dates go to




Maceo was one of the first funk musicians to have a good (!) website of his own. At you will find tour dates (not always complete), a biography, a mailing list and much more. Of course the website presents the new album, too. You can listen to two tracks from Made By Maceo.

Another fine and informative website about Maceo's latest release can be found at The record label provides press texts, tour dates, liner notes, pictures and more in german and english. A vistit of the site also pays off for information on the other artists of ESC Records including Dennis Chamber, Randy Brecker, Joe Zawinul, Bill Evans and many others. ESC Records has been releasing a lot of fine jazz albums with heavy funk influences in the past. Their albums always come in beautiful digipaks and their cover artwork has improved over the years (Maceo's artwork got better during the last three albums, too).

Corey Parker, Maceo's son, has his own website, too:
He presents his own album called Suliminal Souls you can buy online as well as somg lyrics and insights, tour dates, pictures and the some.

Another long-time friend of Maceo is Candy Dulfer, hollands funkiest girl. Her new album is due this spring and of course it will feature Maceo on one track. Read more about it at .



I've been listening to Maceo's new album a few times now and here's a track-by-track review:

Come By And See: The album starts with an uptempo track that reminds me of Maceo's live performances. A funky guitar riff and the hammond make a warm and catchy sound. Candy Dulfer plays a recognizable solo. Fine background vocals by Cynthia Johnson, Giorge Pettus and Carry Harrington make this an enjoyable opener.

Off The Hook: This track begins as an instrumental with lots of horns arranged by Greg Boyer. After a break with a "This funk is off the hook"-chant you get some soloing by Maceo and Will Boulware on the piano.

Hats Off To Harry: "Who the hell is Harry?" you may ask. Maceo once played in a marching band with Harry and now he sings about him in this mid-tempo track. The horns hook and Maceo's singing make this a good soulful tune with Skeet doing a good job on his bass. Will Boulware plays a longer solo, too.

Quick Step: Another fast track and an instrumental one. Although Candy Dulfer doesn't play on this track it reminds me of one of her live songs. Ron Tooley gives the song a break in the middle.

Those Girls: Basically a groove for Corey Parker to rap over becoming a full song during the chorus and Maceo's solo. Corey's rap style has improved a lot during the last few years.

Moonlight In Vermont:The first cover version on the album. Maceo's saxophone is guided by a piano throughout this jazz standard.

Lady Luck: The next cover version is a re-interpretation of the track by Loyd Price. The song is very souly and it gets an extra flavor by Maceo singing it with a unusual raw voice.

Don't Say Goodnight: Once again the piano is the important instrument behind the saxophone on this slow jazz track composed by Maceo Parker.

Once You Get Started: I believe this track was part of the live shows by Maceo Parker during 2002. It's another cover version, this time of Rufus/Chaka Khan. This track grooves with fine background vocals and once again Candy Dulfer playing along.

Those Girls (Bonus Instrumental Version): A 20 seconds longer verison of the track. Fine for those who don't like Corey's raps and rather hear Maceo play.

Lady Luck Reprise: A short instrumental reprise of the track with a bit of a big band flavor.

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