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P.Funk live section updated (added March 17th 2004)

The P-Funk Allstars are on tour again. We have added a few details about the first shows in the P.Funk live section.

P.Funk live section updated (added February 8th 2004)

Believe it or not, we have added a new show to the P.Funk live section: Inspired by the upcoming performance of George Clinton at the Grammy Award show we took the time to add the show in Muskoka on August 31st 2002, complete with cover scans and all.

420 Funk Mob dates cancelled? (added Oktober 29th 2003)

Appearantly the dates of 420 Funk Mob in germany (see below) are cancelled. We advise everybody to buy their live 2-CD set instead. It can be ordered through Wefunk Online or the ever-growing Funkstore.

european tour dates (added Oktober 26th 2003)

It seems like this fall is gonna be a funky one for concert visitors:
The jazz festival in Leverkusen (germany) feature Marcus Miller and Roy Hargrove this year and The Brecker Brother play together with the widely acknowledged WDR Big Band. Their show is titled Some Skunk Funk so this festival offers many chances to get your funk on.
Canadians LMT Connection are on a tour through 4 european countries. Expect a mix of funk, soul and blues and opening act DJ $ Bill.
Another highlight will be the tour of the 420 Funk Mob. So far only play shows in europe are known:
25.11.03 GER Dortmund, FZW
27.11.03 GER Hamburg, Markthalle
28.11.03 GER Berlin, Maria am Ufer

great P.Funk news (added Oktober 26th 2003)

Good news from P.Funk are numerous:
Bernie Worrell has joined the P.Funk Allstars for some fall concerts in the US. Bernie's addition reportedly boosted the already high energy level of the mobs live experience. And rumour has it that plans are being made for a big reunion tour next spring with Bootsy, Bernie and the mob.
The japanese-only Parliament album The Newberg Sessions will be rereleased. Check the funk flashes at Funk To The Max for details on their upcoming release.
Also scheduled for release in 2004 are the lost Mammoth Session (or at least parts of it). The recordings were originally made for a Parliament and a Funkadelic release on the Mammoth label in the late 1990s. Unfortunately the label got sold and the recordings never made their way out of the vaults.. The only available track of those session seems to be "Paradigm" featuring Prince. It was sold during the P.Funk Allstars last concert in Amsterdam as a 1-track CDR.

back in business (added Oktober 26th 2003)

After almost three months without an update it's time to get live again. The move to a new home is done, although a lot of stuff is still packed somewhere. But from now on you can keep checking back to see the site grow again.

no compute (added August 8th 2003)

Just as the funk is getting stronger and stronger (see next message) we are running in a state of "no compute". We are sad to announce that InFunkWeTrust won't be updated for some time from now on. Since we move to a new home we won't have computer access and enough time to keep the news updated or do anything else for the site.
But: After moving we will be back with more strength, current news updates and more entries in the live section. So long: Keep dah funk alive!

Funk invasion force (added August 8th 2003)

Seems like it's time for another funk invasion. Dawn Silva is working on her new album, Junie Morrison has his new joint almost finished, a new 12" by Bootsy called "Dance To The Music" is available and the P.Funk All-Stars now allow taping. Plus Prince has his latest album "N.E.W.S." in stores and a live DVD ready to be released. "myriadmorphonic" by Kendra of the P.Funk All-Stars can be ordered through . And of course The Funkstore keeps getting new and better stuff almost on a daily basis. Rumour has it that they are even working on a deal with NPG Records.

Quote of the day (added August 8th 2003)

"Don't P on my tree in 2003!"

The Difference (added July 12th 2003)

It's time for The Difference!
Remember Foley? Bassist extraordinary with Miles Davis, P-Funk and many others has formed a new band called The Difference. And the approach is just about that: different. Consisting of Foley on guitar and female drummer :Cora, it's even hard to call it a band... We are proud to present "Cum' Round (Take 1)", a song by The Difference. Check out or click on the icon on the right for more about The Difference and Foley!

P-Funk live section updated (added June 21th 2003)

We keep working on the P.Funk live section. Some new concerts have been added. Others (like Woodstock or the Tom Joyner Morning Show) were updated with cover scan.

P-Funk live section updated (added June 9th 2003)

It's been a while but we finally found the time to make some updates for the P.Funk live section. Also some corrections were made. You can watch our database grown and get better. If you even want to help us with it feel free to drop a line at !

new feature: Stevie Salas live gallery (added June 9th 2003)

The Stevie Salas Group feat. T.M. Stevens played a concert in Neuss, Germany, on June 8th 2003. They rocked about 50 people in a little pub called Creem Cheeze with their funk-metal show. From Stevie Salas' own songs to Bootsy, Sly Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Prince ranked their reportoir and the audience liked it. You can see some pictures of the show and even a little video snippet (without sound) in our new feature. Get over to the "Features"-section to check it out.

new funk from the archives (added May 5th 2003)

New releases with old funk ahead:

"Toys" is the name of a new album by Funkadelic with material from their early years at Westbound. Funk To The Max has details.

"6 Degrees Of P.Funk - The Best Of George Clinton and his Funky Family" by George Clinton unites remastered tracks by his own as well side project like Bootsy Collins, Junie Morrison, Mutiny, Phillipe Wynne, P.Funk Allstars, Mico Wave and The Sweat Band. It's released on Epic/Sony.

Quote of the day (added May 5th 2003)

"George Clinton. George made himself and a lot of us believe that he could dance under water, but the truth is that he's one of the few black people who can't dance at all."

Fred Wesley in his biography "Hit Me, Fred - Recollections of a sideman" (Duke Univerity Press)

P-Funk live section updated again (added May 5th 2003)

The P-Funk live section is updated with a few shows again.

P-Funk live section updated again (added April 21th 2003)

Once again we've added some information about concert of the mob. Check out the P-Funk live section to see what's new today.

NPG Music Club 2003 (added April 21th 2003)

Prince has opened his NPG Music Club for fans again. For 25$ you can surf through the extensive web site at , listen to a new song and take a look at 4 live clips. Three of the live clips are from the planned One Night Alone Tour DVD. Also, members get preferred tickets and seats at Prince concert in 2003 as well as admission to soundchecks and aftershows. Unlike the years before, there are no promised downloads or albums for club members.

P-Funk live section updated (added April 14th 2003)

Finally we found the time to update the P-Funk live section with details to some concerts. More updates are planned for the near future.

Parliament reissues released (added April 14th 2003)

Casblanca released three Parliament album as reissues with bonus material:

Up For The Down Stroke with the folowing bonus tracks:

Up For The Down Strokes (Alternate Mix)
Testify (Alternate Mix)
Singing Another Song (Previously Unreleased)

Chocolate City with the following bonus tracks:

If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) (Alternate Mix)
I Misjudged You (Alternate Mix)
Common-Law Wife

Mothership Connection with one additional song:

Star Child (Mothership Connection) (Promo Radio Version) (Bonus Track) 

Jimi Hendrix tribute (added March 18th 2003)

Rumour has it that a new Jimi Hemdrix tribute album is in the making. Planned contributions come from Prince, Chaka Khan,Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Seal and Jeff Beck. Prince is reported to play "Purple House", his version of "Red House". Let's hope this comes true.

My First Name Is Maceo on DVD (added March 13th 2003)

There are plans to release the movie My First Name Is Maceo on DVD in 2003. The concert and documentation film is really worth seeing with guest appearances by some of Maceo's friends like Kim Mazell and George Clinton. Also check out the soundtrack of the film (with an extra long version of C Jam Funk available on vinyl only).

Seven Eleven recording (added March 13th 2003)

Dutch funk band Seven Eleven is recording a new album. Reportedly Fred Wesley is featured as guest on some tracks dropping his trademark horn lines. Former albums of Seven Eleven featured Gary Mudbone Cooper,

new feature: This Funk Is Off The Hook (added March 1st 2003)

We have a new feature online. Go to the "Features"-section to find what it is about...

quote of the day (added March 1st 2003)

"So what if we're controlling all the oil
is it worth a child dying for?"

(Prince "Money Don't Matter 2Night")

remember Lily Haydn? (added March 1st 2003)

Lili Haydn and P.Funk at Woodstock festival Remember female violinist Lili Haydn? She's a Bill Laswell alumni and played with P.Funk at Woodstock 1999. She's just finishing her album to come out on May 6th on RCA Victory. Musicians involved are George Clinton, Pharao Sanders, Alice Coltrane and Karsh Kale, producer is Bill Laswell.

P.Funk tribute ahead (added February 24th 2003)

The Clinton Administration is the name of a band coming up with the album "One Nation Under A Re-Groove" on Magnatude Records. Musicians of the band are DJ Logic (turntables), Skeric (sax), Robert Walter (keys), Melvin Gibbs (bass), Clyde Stubblefield (drums), Phil Upchurch (guitar) and Chuck Prada (percussion). If you do't know what to expect check out the sound samples at the albums site on

Candy Dulfers latest (added February 24th 2003)

Candy Dulfer is in the final production/mixing of her new album "Right In My Soul". The album is supposed to hit the streets on April 28th 2003 in europe and Japan with the USA following later. As often, the japanese release will contain an extra track. Complete track listing with personal notes from the funkiest (and cutest) dutch girl can be found at

Lucky Peterson with Laswell and Jerome Brailey (added February 24th 2003)

On February 24th 2003 Lucky Petersons album is released. Multi-instrumentalist and blues-musician Lucky Peterson teams up with Bill Laswell, Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey (Mutiny, ParliamentFunkadelic...), Graham Haynes and others for his new album "Black Midnight Sun" on Dreyfus/Sony.

Maceo Parker new album (added February 24th 2003)

Made by Maceo Once again it's ESC Records bringing you new funk for your earholes:
"Made by Maceo" is the title of Maceo Parkers latest joint released shortly before his 60th birthday. Rumour had it that Prince would be co-producing this album but due to different time tables this didn't happen. Maceo recorded most of this album with his current touring band. If you have seen them recently you know how tight this album must be. A tour will bring this album to the stage, too. Check out and for more information on the album, the tour and anything else. And check back soon because we're in the making of a special for Maceo Parkers "Made by Maceo"!

The Funk Store - new releases and import

The Funk Store has added two new releases:
P.Funk Allstars and Bootsy's Rubber Band drummer Frank "Kash" Waddy released his first solo album called "Kash Up Front"
Boogie Mosson formed a band called "Trump Dawgs". Their debut is now available.
Also coming to the Funk Store any day is Bootsy's new album "Play With Bootsy" (see InFunkWeTrust-feature here).
Check our links section or to read reviews and order online.

Dennis Chamber  - new album ahaed (added October 23rd)

Former Parliament-Funkadelic drummer Dennis Chambers will release his a new album this year. More than 10 years after his last release "Getting Even", the new album is called "Outbreak" and hits the stores on November 4th 2002. It will features musicians like Rodney "Skeet" Curtis (like Chambers part of P.Funks Baltimore Connection), the Brecker Brothers, John Scofield and Jim Beard, who is also co-producer of the album. According to Dennis Chambers the recording session was for the groove, and nothing but the groove.
The record company bringing you that funky stuff is ESC Records, also home of Maceo Parker and other good musicians/bands. Dennis has recently been on tour with Santana. For current tour dates check his own website at .

T.M. Stevens concerts in europe (added October 23rd)

T.M. Stevens will play a few concerts to promoto his recent album "Shocka Zooloo" in europe:
November 13th, 2002: Germany, Krefeld, Schymy's Pub/Bistro
November 14th, 2002: Netherlands, Venlo, City Theatre de Anenue
November 15th, 2002: Germany, Bonn, Rheingarten
If you don't know what to expect form a T.M. Stevens show, get over to his website at and you'll find video clips of a performance at the Ringfest in Cologne 2001.
The album "Shocka Zooloo" also features keyboard wizzard Bernie Worrell.

Amp Fiddler with new 12" (added October 23rd)

P.Funk keyboarder Joseph "Amp" Fiddler has released a new 12" under his own name. "Basementality" by Amp Fiddler was released on PIAS Recordings/Genuine Records. It contains 4 tracks:
1) Superficial (Original) (5:11)
2) Superficial (JAN Mix) (5:10) remix by Moodymann
3) You (4:07)
4) Eye To Eye (4:04) 
Surprisingly "Suparficial" is a house track with fine keyboards. "You" comes mellow and with beautiful vocals while "Eye To Eye" comes as a laid back funk track with typical Amp keys.

Joe Stuby with the help of Bernie Worrell (added October 23rd)

Joe StubyJoe Stuby And Rocking Horse released an album called "Cosmic Soul". But in addition to the great band you get 8 tracks (out of 12) with keyboard wizzard and Rock N Roll inductee Bernie Worrell on keyboards. The band has opened for Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors in the past and Bernie is also co.producer of the album. In addition to this, Jen Durkin of the Woo Warriors (and former of Deep Banana Blackout) lends her singing voice to the project. More info about Joe Stuby at .


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