Sugar Shack Boston
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1972-xx-xx: Sugar Shack in Boston




Bootsy Collins (bass)
Boogie Mosson (bass) (maybe)
Gary Shider (guitar, vocals) (maybe)
Catfish Collins (guitar)
Harold Beane (guitar) (maybe)
Eddie Hazel (guitar)
Frank Kash Waddy (drums)
Bernie Worrell (keys)
Randy Wallace (horns)
Robert McCullough (horns)
Clayton Gunnels (horns)
Fuzzy Haskins (vocals)
Calvin Simon (vocals) 
Ray Davis (vocals)
Grady Thomas (vocals)
George Clinton (vocals) 

track list


Cookie Jar
I Got A Thing You Got A Thing Everybody's Got A Thing/Sexy Ways
Cosmic Slop
I Call My Baby Pussy
I'll Bet You
Al lYour Goodies Are Gone (The Loser's Seat)



Most of the tracks were officially released on the 4-CD live sets.

The show is available on CDR among fans.

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