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Who in the funk do we think we are?


In Funk We Trust is independent.
In Funk We Trust is it's own reward.
In Funk We Trust is a non profit organisation.
In Funk We Trust is here for your (and our) pleasure.
In Funk We Trust is just another funk website.


However, we'd like to get rid of some funky shout-outs:
PSucker - funk on
Tetzel - my funky brother, for introducing me to the funk
all musicians and fans who keep tha funk alive including but not limited to: Funkateer Genius, Tim Kinley, Rolf Küttel, Wonder B., User271120, Peter Jebsen

We try to keep all content of In Funk We Trust up-to-date and correct. But we can not be held responsible for errors on the site. If you have any correction and/or suggestion, please write us at webmaster@InFunkWeTrust.de



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